"La beauté est dans la rue " Beauty is in the street

This Soloviere's Fall Winter Collection is a journey through revolutionary Paris of May 1968; mostly recalled as "The revolt of the Youth", marking the advent of a post-modern society.

During this time, the men dressed more casually & outdoorsy; and then there was an outburst with mixing of styles- English with French, baroque with hippie.

The collection features sneakers, which are lightweight suede with thin running soles. The sheepskin and Rubber sole represent the street style during that time.

This collection is inspired by this great intellectual period, the shoes are minimalistic without a logo; showcasing intricate craftsmanship and use of different raw materials in a palette of neutral colors like -Camel & Loden, whilst using vibrant evening colors such as Purple & Gold...

Pointy toe loafer with a “babouche” back and a classic leather sole


The shoe is very outdorsy and would remind you of the 70s. Giving a very wintery touch to our classic loafer Matthieu, we present Manolette. The Vibram sole makes it very comfortable, and the kilt with fur adds to its elegance. Pair them with Chiné socks and a trouser for a complete look.

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Classic loafer in Worn Blue Denim with a classic leather sole


Inspired from our classic sneaker who wanted to pu forward something more Royal. With that idea in mind, we present a sneaker with the same comfy insole as its ancestor, but combining royalty with street-style. The shoe can be paired with grey hoodie and raw denims.
Also available in Blue Velvet.

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This time available in Suede with an addition of natural Fox fur, we took the shoe to a whole new level - “Minimalism yet Rich” You could pair it with skinny jeans or even a skil pajamas; and you are good to go! Available in colors like Bordeaux and Blue; it gives a new definition for Minimalism!

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Pointy toe loafer in gold laminate leather with a “babouche” back and a classic leather sole
Photographe: Luc Braquet
Stylisme: Laetitia Paul
Make up: Cyril Laine
Mannequins: Florentin (M Manage-
ment) et Mégane (Silent Models)
Suede loafer with natural rubber sole